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Patrick Slevin

Dr. Schuck:
I cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me. Through your skill and craftsmanship you’ve given me back my smile and with it my confidence and my ability to be who I am without having to hide my teeth. I deeply appreciate the kindness and care and professionalism that showed me as you took me through the step by step process of restoring my teeth…..and not once was I EVER in any pain or discomfort!! I bet when you were in dental school, you NEVER thought you’d be training to change people’s lives……..but for me……you did! Thanks to you and your wonderfull staff I have a lot to smile about! God bless!

Chana Pfeifer

Dr. Schuck was gentle, but professional. He was great with my kids and I recommend him highly.

A current patient

I followed Dr. Schuck to his new practice and I’m so glad I did! I’ve seen many dentists over the years , but Dr. Schuck is the only one who took extra time to make me comfortable, even going so far as to stop working on me once he started when he realized I needed even more anaesthesia. He and his staff stayed later in the evening than expected when my tooth was being stubborn and each one assured me separately that it was no problem at all. Thanks, Dr. Schuck!

Danielle L.

The receptionist was amazing & the whole staff, including the doctor was awesome! Best experience ever!

Vincent Maita

The entire process was carefree and painless. Dr. Schuck and his caring staff of professionals made every attempt at making the dental services I received here most comfortable and less stressful. I am extremely pleased with the work performed and its outcome. Thank you to all.

Gail K.

I am very impressed with Dr. Schuck’s service. I am happy I came here

Catherine B.

Thanks Dr Schuck you made it all possible for me. I never thought I would be able to make it until I meet you and your staff. I spent my entire life scared to death of the dentist until the day i came to your office i am finally confident i will have a beautiful smile one day. Thanks for the headphones Jacquie.

Nick Anistassiou

Amazing experience, From Dentist to the staff to how nice the place is.. Makes you feel comfortable even when nervous..Very clean!! Would recommend to anyone and look forward to getting more work done.. The Dentist is extremely nice and sincere with alternative suggestions to which honestly is to only help you instead of take money. A++

Shmuel Reisbaum

I was never a fan of going to the dentist, and I usually wait until I have something noticeably wrong. I went to Great Smiles because someone recommended Dr. Schuck when I was experiencing a toothache. When it was obvious to me I could not wait any longer I called for an appointment. The Great Smiles staff is warm and friendly. Dr. Schuck was extremely calming. It turned out I needed a root canal, and after the first appointment I left feeling immediate relief and confident in Dr. Schuck’s plan. The whole experience was very positive. I don’t even mind going for a check up, which I already scheduled.

Bonnie Papish

I switched to Dr. Schuck recently. He is fantastic; extremely gentle, very thorough and never pushy! I highly recommend him and his staff to all. Even if you’re used to another dentist, go into his office; you won’t be sorry.

Barbara Simon

I was really happy with the way Dr. Schuck treated me. He didn’t pressure me to do an expensive procedure, and instead is working with me to see if he can save the tooth. My last dentist always put pressure on me to be aggressive with my treatment. Dr. Schuck was a refreshing professional. I recommend his office highly.

Sarah Salazar

When I was younger, I had pretty awful experiences at the dentist; it was painful and unpleasant. In addition, they would apply so much pressure, most of the time I cried until it was over. From then on, going to the dentist was something that I feared until I saw Dr. Schuck. The first time I saw him, I was quite nervous because I thought that it would be like the other experiences that I had before. My heart was pounding and I was expecting the worst. After being treated, I realized I had nothing to fear any longer. Dr. Schuck is an incredible dentist! It was not even close to painful and he was so very gentle when it comes to the examination and filling in cavities etc. I truly believe that Dr. Schuck is someone who genuinely cares about his patients.

A current patient

The doctor took me in at my appointment time. The procedure was completed quickly and Dr Schuck was very friendly and explained everything in detail without rushing me out. The office is very clean, organized and the staff is friendly. I have already referred some friends to Dr Schuck and they too were equally pleased.

Vienna K.

He’s the most kind an patient dentist I’ve ever been to , I would highly recommend him to all my friends.

Ciarra S.

I called in on a Sunday morning in need of an immediate appointment and was told to come in asap. Very friendly and welcoming environment. Dr. Schuck is a great dentist!